Saturday, January 9, 2010

Moshi monster roleplays

There is a ton of things to do on moshi monsters but i mostly go on the forums and when im there i like to take care of my horses and then go on roleplays me and my friend smileyyyy123/georgia/horseymad make ill go on others too but hers and mine are de best eva hope to see you on der sometime whoever reads this

My horse

I have a horse whos name is batman hes sweet and cute and very good at being lazy.His name is Batman because hes pretty much black hes also 18 and 18 hands lol I love him sooo much and cant wait to see him this spring i have posted some pics of him!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Moshi Monsters Join Now

Here at Moshi there are lots of things to do,like adopt a monster here are the monsters avalible for adoption

Katsuma=Bunny like creatures
Luvli=Apple/heart like creature
Diavlo=Volcanoe creature very cute
Poppet=Furry cute little animals loving and kind
Zommer=Zombies very ugly but yet nice people
Furi=Very hairy creatures with a sweet personality

Next theres the shops

Gross-ery store=tons of slimey and grimey foods blah but your monster will love them

Yukea=Very cool tons of stuf to decorate your monsters house with

Market place=Sounds like a place for food but really all there is there are clothes

Bizzare Bazare=Another place to get stuff for your monsters room

D.I.Y shop=Another place for stuff for your rooms but with wall paper

Horrods=For members only i have never been

Now we have the most popular place on moshi

The Forums
The forums are what i mostly go on to hang out with my friends i enjoy it so much im on for hrs upon end wich is not good for my brothers and sister lol

The category that i mostly go on is Roarys Eye-magination station